RestLocationResult Object

This object represents a single location, in a search result set.

IntIdBullseye location ID
StringNameThe name of the location
StringURLThe location’s website URL
StringAddress1First line of Address
StringAddress2Second line of Address
StringAddress3Third line of Address
StringAddress4Fourth line of Address
StringCityThe location’s city
StringStateThe location’s state abbreviation (e.g. “NJ”)
StringPostCodeThe location’s postal code (zip code in US)
StringEmailAddressThe location's email address
StringPhoneNumberThe location’s phone number
StringFaxNumberThe location’s fax number
StringMobileNumberThe location’s mobile number
StringContactNameThe location's primary contact person
StringContactPositionThe contact's position/job title
StringContactURLThe contact's website url
StringThirdPartyIdThird-party ID assigned by client
DoubleDistanceDistance from search point, in miles or kilometers, depending upon the country.
StringCategoryIdsComma-separated list of category ID's to which this location is assigned
StringCategoryNamesComma-separated list of category names to which this location is assigned
List CategoryHierarchyA list of strings for for this location. Each string will be a Category group name and the names for its descendants
StringTerritoryIdsComma-separated list of territory ID's to which this location is assigned
StringTerritoryNamesComma-separated list of territory names to which this location is assigned
List <RestAttribute Object>AttributesList of attributes for this location.

Supports text, link, photo, numeric, and yes/no attributes.
List <RestComplexAttribute Object>ComplexAttributesList of complex attributes and sub attributes for this location.
List <RestCoupon Object>CouponsList of Coupons for the location
List <RestEvent Object>EventsList of upcoming Events which will be held at this location.
StringCountryCode“US”, “CA” (Canada), etc.
StringCountryName"United States"
DecimalLatitudeIf available
DecimalLongitudeIf available
IntGeoCodeStatusId0=None, 1=Zip Level, 2=Street Level
BooleanInternetLocationTrue if this is an internet location.
StringBusinessHoursBusinessHours are the Business Hours put in a display format which displays the day of the week and the hours for that day. If any consecutive days have the same hours, a single collapsed entry is made for those days. For example, if Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all have hours of 9AM to 5PM, a single entry of "Mon-Thu 9AM-5PM" would be used.
StringLocationTypeNameStandard, Preferred, or Exclusive
StringTimeZoneTimezone is the generally accepted name for the Timezone. For example, "(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)"
StringOpenCloseStatus"Open" or "Closed" depending on the time of the day and Business hour Holiday hours exist for the current day
DoubleTimeZoneOffsetOffset is relative to GMT and takes into account Daylight Savings Time
StringFacebookPageIdAssociates a Facebook page with the location.
StringImageFileUrlLocation thumbnail image
BooleanIsStoreLocatorIndicates whether a location has the Store Locator service. Ignore if ReturnServices is not requested.
BooleanIsLeadManagerIndicates whether a location has the Lead Manager service. Ignore if ReturnServices is not requested.
List <RestDailyHours>DailyHoursListDailyHoursList are the combination of the Business Hours superseded by any Special/Holiday Hours which fall within the coming week. The Weekly Hours start on the current day and go for one week, so if today is Tuesday, the hours will be ordered from Tuesday to Monday. If an entry is superseded by a Special/Holiday Hours entry, the day of the week will be replaced with the name of the Special/Holiday Hours.
StringYelpPlaceIDThe location's id used to retreve Yelp reviews
StringGooglePlaceIDThe location's id used to retreve Google reviews
BooleanAllowBEReviewFlag to allow for the assignment of reviews
DoubleAverageReviewRatingIf available
IntTotalReviewsIf available
List <RestSocialMedia Object>SocialMediaThe RestSocialMedia Object will contain a listing of all of the social media urls defined for a individual location
StringLandingPagePhotosFor each location included in search results, a list of strings with each string representing a url to an existing local page photo.