LeadJson Object

This object is used as input for the AddLead method. It represents a Bullseye Lead.

Type (Max length)NameDescription
IntIdBullseye lead ID
String (63)FirstNameFirst Name
String (63)LastNameLast Name
String (255)CompanyNameCompany Name
String (255)EmailAddressE-Mail Address
String (255)Address1First line of Address
String (255)Address2Second line of Address
String (255)Address3Third line of Address
String (255)Address4Fourth line of Address
String (63)CityThe lead’s city
StringStateAbbrThe lead’s state abbreviation
String (50)PostalCodeThe lead’s postal code (zip code in US)
IntCountryIdThe lead’s numeric Bullseye country ID
StringCountryCodeThe 2-alpha ISO code for the country.
String (2000)InternationalAddressFor leads outside the US, Canada, and the UK, contains the full address for the lead. NOTE that we are phasing out this field
String (50)PhoneNumberThe lead’s phone number
String(2000)Commentsoptional comments
IntPriorityIDPriority code (see table below for values)
IntLeadSourceIDLead source ID
IntLeadTypeID1 = Location, 2 = Event
IntFormIDBullseye identifier of the form used to capture the lead
LeadCategoryCategoriesAn array of categories related to this lead
LeadAttributeAttributesAn array of attributes related to this lead

Lead Priority Values