RestCategory Object

Represents a category, and its place in the category tree.

IntCategoryIdBullseye category ID
StringCategoryNameThe name of the category
StringThirdPartyIDOptional third-party ID
StringCategoryDataOptional additional data for this category
Nullable intParentCategoryIDId of this category’s parent. Null if this is a root category.
IntDepthDepth of this category in the tree. 0 for root category.
StringLineageA string representing the lineage of this category.

This is a sequence of category ids from the root to this entry, separated by vertical bars. For example, if category 3 was under category 1 and 2, this value would be “|1|2|”. (It will be just “|” if root.)
StringImageFileURLOptional image URL
List <RestAttribute Object>AttributesA list of attributes related to the category.