This method allows you to update an existing location.

Return Value: LocRslt


  • In lieu of providing the Client Id and Api Key, a call may be made to AuthenticateClient in the Lead web service with those credentials, and the resultant security token added to the Request Header under the key "ClientToken".
  • Value.Id must be set to a valid Bullseye location ID, or ThirdPartyId must be set to a valid third-party ID.

Exception conditions:
This call, and other POST calls, will set the location ID in the LocRslt structure to a negative number on failure. Here are the values related to this method:

-1: invalid credentials (API key and/or client ID)
-2: you did not specify either Id or ThirdPartyId on the location you passed into this method.
-3: no matching location was found (based on the Id or ThirdPartyId you passed in).
-4: validation failure (see errorMsg for details)
-5: exception while creating user (see errorMsg for details)