LocationJson Object

This object is returned from the GetLocation method, and is used as input for the AddLocation and UpdateLocation methods. It represents a location as used in several of the LocationService calls.

(This object is similar, but not identical, to the LocationResult object used in the search service.)

Type (max length)NameDescription
IntIdBullseye location ID
String (255)NameThe name of the location
BoolActiveWhether the location is active or not
IntMemberIdBullseye member ID

(There is currently no way to retrieve detail member info via a web service call.)
String (255)URLThe location’s website URL
IntCountryIdThe location’s numeric country ID
StringCountryNameThe location’s country name (not used here)
String (255)Address1First line of Address
String (255)Address2Second line of Address
String (255)Address3Third line of Address
String (255)Address4Fourth line of Address
String (255)CityThe location’s city
IntStateIdThe location’s numeric state ID
StringStateAbbrThe location’s state abbreviation (not used)
String (50)PostCodeThe location’s postal code (zip code in US)
String (2000)InternationalAddressFor locations outside the US, Canada, and the UK, contains the full address for the location.

NOTE that we are phasing out this field. For new locations, you should fill out the individual address fields.
StringEmailAddressThe location’s contact’s email address
String (50)PhoneNumberThe location’s phone number
String (50)FaxNumberThe location’s fax number
String (255)ContactNameThe location’s contact’s name
String (255)ContactPositionThe location’s contact’s position
BoolInternetLocationWhether or not the location is an internet location
List <Holiday Hours>HolidayHoursAn array of Holiday Hours associate with this location, from the current day going forward. (Currently not available.) Holiday/Special Hours are custom hours put in for a specific date - the difference between Special and Holiday is whether the entry is linked to a holiday instance for a country.
IntLocationTypeIdThe location’s type ID
(TODO: no REST call to get types.)
StringLocationTypeNameThe location’s type name (not used)
StringThirdPartyIdThe location’s third party ID
DateTimeDateCreatedDate record was created
DateTimeDateModifiedDate record was last modified
DateTimeDateDeletedDate record was deleted (should always be null; the web service will not return deleted records)
LocationCategory[]CategoriesAn array of categories related to this location
LocationAttributes[]AttributesAn array of attributes related to this location
LocationService1[]ServicesAn array representing the services associated with this location (Lead Manager and/or Store Locator)
LocationTerritory[]TerritoriesAn array of territories related to this location
LocationBusinessHours[]BusinessHoursAn array of LocationBusinessHours objects associated with this location will be returned. Each object will include the open and close times for each defined day of the week, the Bullseye time zone Id and name, 24 hour display format flag, and audit fields for date created, date last modified and date deleted.
IntResponsivenessIdNumeric responsiveness ID. (see table of values below)
StringResponsivenessName(currently blank)
IntClientIdYour client ID
IntRepIdID of assigned rep.

Detailed rep info can be retrieved via the Lookup.GetReps() call.
(TODO: no REST call for this.)
StringRepFullName(currently blank)
StringUserNameBullseye member user name
DecimalLatitudeLocation latitude
DecimalLongitudeLocation longitude
IntGeoCodeStatusIdIndicates whether or not this location has been geocoded, and at what level. (0=none, 1=zip code level, 2=street address level)
DateTimeDateLastGeoCodedThe date on which this location was most recently geocoded.
StringBusinessHoursFmtdBusinessHours are only available through the RestSearch GetLocation API. Business hours, in a formatted string. (cannot be set). Business Hours Formatted are the Business Hours put in a display format which displays the day of the week and the hours for that day. If any consecutive days have the same hours, a single collapsed entry is made for those days. For example, if Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all have hours of 9AM to 5PM, a single entry of "Mon-Thu 9AM-5PM" would be used.
StringFacebookPageId(added 11/20/2012) - used to associate a Facebook page with a single location
List <RestDailyHours>DailyHoursListDailyHoursList is only available through the RestSearch GetLocation API. Also known as WeeklyHours, they are the combination of the Business Hours superseded by any Special/Holiday Hours which fall within the coming week. The Weekly Hours start on the current day and go for one week, so if today is Tuesday, the hours will be ordered from Tuesday to Monday. If an entry is superseded by a Special/Holiday Hours entry, the day of the week will be replaced with the name of the Special/Holiday Hours.
List <RestAttribute Object>RestAttributes
List <RestComplexAttribute Object>RestComplexAttributes
List <RestLocationSEO Object>RestLocationSEO
List <RestLocationSocialMedia Object>RestLocationSocialMedia
List <RestLocationSocialMedia Object>RestLocationSoicalMediaLinks
List <RestBusinessHours Object>BusinessHourListThis object includes a Bullseye TimeZoneID along with all daily Open and Close times in a 24hr format (HH:MM).
List < HolidaySpecialHours Object >HolidaySpecialHoursList

Responsiveness ID values

1Very Slow
2Moderately Slow
3About Average
4Moderately Fast
5Very Fast

Location Status Id values

1Not Completed