This method allows you to delete multiple locations by ID.

You must pass in an array of integers, representing the location IDs that you wish to delete.

The result locationId parameter will contain the total number of locations deleted, if successful.

This process will also delete related members (users) and roles.

Return Value: LocRslt


  • In lieu of providing the Client Id and Api Key, a call may be made to AuthenticateClient in the Lead web service with those credentials, and the resultant security token added to the Request Header under the key "ClientToken".

Exception conditions:
This call, and other POST calls, will set the location ID in the LocRslt structure to a negative number on failure. Here are the values related to this method:

-1: invalid credentials (API key and/or client ID)
-2: too many ids passed in. (A maximum of 1000 deletes can be processed in a single call, though it is not recommended that you do that many at once.)
-3: one or more of the ID values is invalid.
-4: one or more of the ID values was not found in the database.
-5: one or more of the ID values belongs to another client.
Note that any of these exception conditions will reject ALL submitted deletes.