RestEventJson Object

Represents an event along with its associated locations.

IntEventIdBullseye event ID
StringEventTitleThe title of an event
StringEventImageURLRelative URL of an uploaded image
StringEventDescriptionDescription of an event
StringOrganizerNameName of event organaizer
StringOrganizerDescriptionDescription of an event organizer
DateTimeStartDateDate when event starts
Nullable DateTimeEndDateDate when event ends
TimeSpanStartTimeTime when event starts
Nullable TimeSpanEndTimeTime when event ends
StringRegistrationURLURL to register for the event
StringFacebookURLURL for the event Facebook account
StringTwitterURLURL for the event Twitter account
StringThirdPartyIDThird-party ID assigned by the account.
BooleanRegistrationFlag indicating that participants need to register for the event.
IntLocationIDBullseye Location ID
ListEventLocationsList of locations where the event is being held.
List AttributesList of attribute associated with the event.
List CategoriesList of categories associated with the event.
List[int]LocationIDsList of Location Ids