This method will return javascript code for either Mapbox or Google Maps depending on the country determined from the passed IP address or lat/lng.

To geocode a location address either of the below is required:

Country and postal code


Country and city and/or state.

If neither this data is provided in the locations structure, the web service will return Bad Request response.

If any of the locations in the Locations list do not have geocodes. they will be geocoded as part of this service based on the above rules.

Reference the following article on how to configure Google Maps API key:


In the case when geocodes are not provided we use the provided location json information provided to obtain the corresponding geocodes for all provided locations. Our Address Geocoder has been updated to use the search style (defined in the search rules for the country) for a location to derive the address field combination (City and/or State and/or Postal Code) required to determine the correct geocodes of a location