This method retrieves information for a location, given a Bullseye location ID, or a third-party ID.

Return Value: LocationJson


This is identical to the GetLocation method in the RestSearch service. However, in the RestSearch service, subgroups for Business Hours, Attributes, Categories and Daily Hours are formatted to display like in Dosearch. In the RestLocation service, BusinessHours and RestHolidayHours are returned as raw data, and DailyHours are not returned.

In lieu of providing the Client Id and Api Key, a call may be made to AuthenticateClient with those credentials, and the resultant security token added to the Request Header under the key "ClientToken"

ConditionHTTP status codeDescription
If both LocationId and ThirdPartyId are missing400Bad Request
If both LocationId and ThirdPartyId are present400Bad Request
If the location cannot be found404Not Found
An unexpected exception500Internal server error