This class represents an entry in the list of Daily Hours for the week containing the current day.

StringNameOfDayName of the day for which the following data applies.
BooleanNoHoursAvailableIndicates there was no data available for the day.
BooleanClosedIndicates the location is closed on this day.
BooleanHolidayHoursIndicates the hours are for a Holiday.
BooleanSpecialHoursIndicates the hours are non-standard for the day.
Nullable DateTimeOpeningTimeTime of the day at which the location opens.
Nullable DateTimeClosingTimeTime of the day at which the location closes.
StringHolidayNameName given to the current day, whether a Holiday or a Special Day such as Black Friday.
IntDayOrderUsed internally to order all 7 days.
StringHoursDisplayTextThe Opening and Closing times, or the word "Closed" formatted to display on a page. Format for times is HH:MM AM/PM.