Update via .csv File

The .csv upload is great for smaller companies and getting data uploaded quickly. However, it is not really suited to ongoing data management particularly if data is being managed by multiple users or via other update formats such as the XML import. It also does not currently support some data elements. These include:

  • Holiday hours
  • Landing page photos

The .csv upload has 2 upload methods--append and update. Append will simply add any new records and leave any existing records. Update will work like a clear and append and remove all existing location records, then add those in the .csv file.

There is an option to remove duplicates via .csv upload, but this option only works for duplicates within the file itself. It does not do a compare against locations in the database.

As mentioned, the update method will remove any existing locations and re-add any new ones. This is a great tool for setting up an account or when there are infrequent updates, but keep in mind that the primary downside to this method is that new IDs are created for the updated records. If there is data associated via the ID such as event data, promotions, or even search log data for the original locations, this data will be wiped out when new IDs are created.