Use this section to import your locations. This section is required and must contain at least one entry. New locations are created when the ThirdpartyID does not match an existing location. Locations that have an existing ThirdPartyID will be updated. Locations that have been previously imported but that are not included in the XML file, will be deleted or made inactive if the account has Lead Manager service.

Field nameRequired/OptionalDescription
ThirdPartyIDRequiredThis is your own ID. This must be a unique key field. It is used to control adds/edits/deletes. If this field matches a location currently in Bullseye, that location will be updated. If not, then this will be an insert. (At the end of the process, any remaining locations in Bullseye that were not updated are assumed to be deletes.)
NameRequiredLocation name
CountryCodeRequiredIt accepts ISO alpha-2 country code, ISO3Code, Name and AlternateNamesAndCodes. See codes
InternetLocationRequiredA boolean value specifying if this location is only an internet location and not brick and mortar. If this is brick and mortar set the value to "false."
LeadManagerRequireda boolean value specifying whether or not this location should be used with the LeadManager service. Set this value to false if you do not subscribe to LeadManager. If you specify true for this value and provide an e-mail address, the e-mail address will be used as the contact e-mail address for the location.
StoreLocatorRequiredA Boolean value specifying whether or not this location should show in the store locator. You must specify true for StoreLocator, LeadManager, or both.
ActiveOptionalControls whether a location shows up in search results. Default value is "True"
IDOptionalThis is the Bullseye location ID. This field is currently ignored.
LocationTypeOptionalShould correspond to one of your valid location types, e.g. “Standard”.
StateAbbrRules varyOur Codes and Values section includes specifications for States and Provinces based on country.
ContactNameOptionalUse this to provide contact information for the location.
ContactPositionOptionalUse this to provide contact information for the location.
ContactURLOptionalUse this to provide contact information for the location.
TimeZoneIDOptionalUse this to specify a time zone for your location (must be the Bullseye ID for the time zone.)
MondayOpen - SundayCloseOptionalThese fields should contain valid time strings with seconds in military time, e.g. “09:00:00”, “05:00:00”, "17:30:00", etc.
Latitude/LongitudeOptionalIf the geocodes for a location are known, enter them here. Be sure to limit each value to 6 decimal places.
ImageURLOptionalUse this field if there is a preview image you wish to associate with the location.
YelpPlaceIDOptionalUse this field to specify the location's Yelp ID when the Reviews module is enabled.
GooglePlaceIDOptionalUse this field to specify the location's Google Place ID when the Reviews module is enabled.
TerritoryOptionalSpecify valid Bullseye territory names here.
AttributeOptionalSee the subsection for how to specify attributes for a location.
CategoryOptionalPass in the unique category name or ID for every category to which you will be assigning this location.
SEOOptionalThis allows a title and description to be put in for a location which will show up in search engines for that location's landing page.
LandingPageImageOptionalAdd images which will be associated with the landing page for this location.
SocialMediaLinksOptionalUse this tag to specify social media ID's for a location. The URL for each social media type is not required. If a location does not have any social media ID's then this section can be omitted. The XML Sample Data File has examples of various social media types.
LocationGroupOptionalUse this tag to assign a location group to a location.

The following sections are blocked from being updated by default:


If you wish any of these sections to be updateable, contact us at Bullseye and your XML Import can be configured to allow those to be overwritten.

Note: Coupons and Events are not included in the XML import and therefore their association with locations will not be overwritten.