Use this section to create categories in your account. If this section is omitted, the existing category structure will not be affected.

You can also create a nested category structure by associating top level categories to sub categories. To have nested categories, top level categories must have a ThirdPartyId value. Category names at the top level or within a sub category level must be unique. All ThirdPartyId values must be unique throughout all levels. Categories which do not have a ParentThirdPartyId are considered Top Level categories. All ParentThirdPartyId values must equate to another category's ThirdPartyId.

Field NameRequired/OptionalDescription
NameRequiredCategory name. Must be unique within its level.
ThirdPartyIdOptionalCan be used to store your own unique identifier for a category.
CategoryDataOptionalCan be used to store any ancillary information about a category.
ParentThirdPartyIdOptional (required for sub-categories)Can be used to assign a sub-category to another category. Indicate the parent category by entering the parent's category ThirdPartyId as the ParentThirdPartyId in the sub-category.
ImageFileURLOptionalCan be used to assign an image to a category or subcategory
CategoryTypeOptionalCan be used to distinguish between location and territory categories. Specify 1 for Location categories and 2 for Territory categories. If CategoryType is not provided, it defaults to Location.