PHP library to make requests to the Bullseye JSON API.


Bullseye is an elegant and flexible store locator solution that integrates with any website mobile app or 3rd party application.

Bullseye has a unique focus on the right implementation for the right client. We were one of the first to offer a hosted service and we were one of the first to create a web service API that allows full control over the look and feel of the interface. The API gives you the ability to maximize the value of your store/dealer locator.

PHP Library

The Bullseye PHP library was created to make easier to implement solutions using the Bullseye REST API. The library is in charge of handling and processing requests to the REST API and also provides an interface to request the API easily just creating a Bullseye object and calling its methods.

Visit our GitHub project site for details on how to use our PHP library.


Installation is very easy. To get started clone or copy the library folder in your project folder and then create an instance of Bullseye class as follows:

require_once '../vendor/Bullseye.php';
$clientId = 1111;
$searchKey = 'my-search-key';
$adminKey = 'my-admin-key';
$bullseye = new Bullseye\Bullseye($clientId, $searchKey, $adminKey);


There are examples for all REST API endpoints in Bullseye documentation. The following is an example about how to make a request using the library:

//1. Include Bullseye library
require_once '../../Bullseye.php';
//2. Create Bullseye object
$clientId = 1111;
$searchKey = 'my-search-key';
$adminKey = 'my-admin-key';
$bullseye = new Bullseye\Bullseye($clientId, $searchKey, $adminKey);
//2.1 activate debug mode
//3. Call method to get categories
$response = $bullseye->getCategories();
//4. Check response
if(false !== $response)
  // your stuff...

Methods in Bullseye class

Most of methods in Bullseye class uses same names of REST API endpoints in lower camelcase. However we have used custom names for some endpoints just for clarity and also to avoid conflicts with other method names. Next is the list of methods with custom names.

RestSearch.svc/doSearch2 -> searchLocations
RestEventSearch.svc/GetCategories -> getEventCategories


The Bullseye PHP library was created and is maintained by Bullseye team.